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                    Tragic death of a girl named Xu Xiaoying
                    Adjust font size:   Close Kaiwind By Yu Yun 2012-05-18

                    Xu Xinmei, female, now 47 years old, lives in Xunnan Village, Nanxun Town, Huzhou City of Zhejiang Province.

                    In 1987, Xu Xinmei married a young carpenter of the same village at the age of 23, and gave birth to a boy two years later. As we all know, being held in the mother’s arms, a baby can stand up when it grows three months old. However, Xu Xinmei’s baby son was different: when her baby grew seven to eight months old, it still lay in his mother’s arms all the time, unable to stand up for a while. Medical examination revealed that the baby was a cerebral palsy patient. Despite the couple’s effort of seeing doctors and seeking folk descriptions hither and thither, the illness of the boy deteriorated, and their son died shortly.

                    The family lived under the shadow of this misfortune for three years. And then Xu Xinmei gave birth to a girl named Xu Xiaoying. This baby girl brought joy and pleasure to her family: sounds of happy laughter were heard in the house, and every thing was getting better and better thanks to the good housekeeper, the baby’s mother.

                    However, the good times didn’t last forever. When Xiaoying was seven years old, the doctor’s diagnosis revealed that she suffered from chronic hepatitis. And her parents hurried to consult doctors and seek prescriptions. After a period of medical treatment, the girl’s illness was brought under control to some extent. But she was still weak, unable to free herself from tortures of the complications. Xu Xinmei and her husband, bearing in mind the bitter experience of losing their baby son, felt much alarmed at their girl’s conditions. To guarantee the absolute safety of their at-risk girl, the couple was doing all they could to find good doctors to treat the girl, and longing for a miracle of their daughter’s full recovery and lasting happiness.

                    Time flied unnoticed. It was already the 12th day, first month of the lunar year in 1999, when local people in Nanxun Town would invite each other and go to the temple fair according to a traditional folk custom of this ancient town of the South. The temple fair was an attractive place bustling with activity: Lion dances displayed with deafening sound of gongs and drums; a large audience cheered wildly in the streets; and the peddlers shouted loudly their prices. Local people always took to the streets on this occasion, old and young. Xu Xinmei, hand in hand with her daughter, followed the crowd to the temple fair to have some fun. When they arrived at the People’s Square, a clumsily printed book was stuffed into Xu’s hand. It read: “Falun Gong Helps People Remove Karma and Cure their Disease”, “Personal Cultivation Will Benefit All Your Family Members.” Like a lightening flashed in the darkness, the book immediately aroused the mother’s interests. It seemed that she had finally found the golden road leading to her daughter’s bright future: heath, vitality, and happiness.

                    Returning home from the fair, Xu Xinmei asked every one she met about Falun Gong, and soon she managed to buy a set of books on it, such as Zhuan Falun, Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa etc., and read them with great eagerness. Xu was certainly not a highly literate woman, prostrating before the Master in worship, she firmly believed in what Li Hongzhi was doing or preaching, and soon became a devout adherent of Falun Gong. Moreover, Xu Xinmei was deeply infatuated with the perfect “Falun World” where, as Li Hongzhi described in his scriptures: “You’ll get everything you want,” with the unshakable faith that Falun Dafa could cure her daughter. In Xu’s opinion, her son died of excessive Karma, and she felt sorry that she had not managed to remove Karma for her son. But now every thing changed, as she had Falun Dafa to depend on, her daughter’s illness was nothing more than a peanut! Xu not only helped her daughter remove Karma in person, but also asked her daughter to practice Falun Gong together, so the girl would remove her own Karma, and increase the Gong powers at the same time. And soon after, the girl turned into a Falun Gong practitioner who totally gave up medicine and injection under the influence of her mother.

                    Seeing that the girl was taking a dangerous path, some soft-hearted neighbors couldn’t remain indifferent any longer, they reprimanded the girl’s mother: “The child should seek medical treatment, so don’t waste the time. Otherwise, her illness may deteriorate; and you will find it too late for regrets”. But Xu Xinmei wouldn’t listen. She stuck firmly to her belief: The girl’s suffering was not illness, but the reaction of her Karma. What her daughter needed was removing Karma! So Xu Xinmei defended herself loudly: “My daughter does not need any medicine or injection. And practicing Falun Gong will remove her Karma and bring about recovery”.

                    Poisoned by Li Hongzhi’s Karma-elimination theory, Xu Xinmei utterly ignored the friendly advice of her neighbors, and stubbornly refused to let the girl to see doctor or take medicine. Xu Xinmei practiced Falun Gong day and night. In addition, when her daughter felt a little bit better, she would urge the girl to practice Falun Gong in their yard – imitating the exercise movements on the book. She told her daughter: “The only way you obtain further advancement is through true cultivation, and then the Master will give you more protection.”

                    As time went by, there was no sign of the girl’s Karma being removed. On the contrary, the girl became thinner and thinner every day, for she suffered constantly from indigestion, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, as well as a pain around her liver, and was confined to bed all the time. Even in such desperate straits, Xu Xinmei firmly believed in Falun Gong’s “magic powers” such as “keeping fit” and “bringing about happiness to family members.”

                    In February 2002, repeatedly urged by neighbors and relatives, Xu’s husband finally realized that the current way of handling the girl’s illness would lead to nowhere. He asked Xu Xinmei to give up cultivation so that they could take their daughter to hospital together. But Xu flied into a rage at her husband’s suggestion. She grabbed him by the collar and beat him with all her might like a lunatic, desperately thinking that it was her husband who always gave way to foolish fancies and did not support their cultivation whole heartedly. “Yes, that’s why my daughter’s Karma has not been removed. His foolishness offset the effect of our cultivation and righteous thought, adds new Karma to our girl.” And at the same time, Xu Xinmei thought Master Li Hongzhi was testing the girl and herself: “We’ve been cultivating so hard for years, and the girl has managed to hold on to it. Now you ask us to give up, don’t you know we’ll suffer retributions if we stop practicing?”

                    In June 2003, Xu Xinmei managed to get the new scriptures of Master Li Hongzhi somehow. After reading, she thought that, in order to remove Karma for her daughter, she must improve her mindset first and go out to “tell the truth” and “save the people”. During that period, Xu Xinmei, originally a thoughtful, hardworking housewife quickly turned into another person as if possessed by evil spirits: With a square stool in hand, she set out to the People’s Square in Nanxun whenever possible, sitting there in meditation or pulling people to read the Master’s new scriptures. And no one had seen her staying at home, never.

                    However, things turned out contrary to Xu’s wishes. In December 2004, her daughter’s illness worsened badly: The girl constantly ran a high fever, and suffered severe pains around her liver. But Xu still believed the Master would protect her daughter. She put an amulet on a long narrow stool, and flopped to the ground and kowtowed, mumbling to herself: “Bless my girl Master, do protect her. You promised not to let a single practitioner suffer …” Shocked by the girl’s illness, Xu’s husband felt utterly helpless. Neighbors rushed in, and urged the couple to send the girl to a hospital. But Xu wouldn’t accept a single word. She was pushing and shoving like a lunatic, for fear that neighbors might take her daughter away by force. At that moment, Xu’s husband seemed to have woken up suddenly. He held the skinny girl tightly in his arms, dashed out of the gate, and sent her to Nanxun People’s Hospital. When the doctor in charge told the couple, their daughter’s hepatitis had turned into a terminal liver cancer for lacking of in-time treatments, Xu Xinmei still stubbornly refused to admit her mistakes. She blamed her husband: “It’s our fault. We are not as faithful to the Master as he requires, and our cultivation has not reached a higher level. And that’s why the Master refuses to protect our daughter.”

                    In more than one month time, the girl went through a surgical operation, radiotherapy as well as the chemotherapy. But it was too late. The cancer had metastasized and spread throughout the girl’s body. In January 2005, Xu Xiaoying died at the age of twelve.

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